Couple Share Rare Promotion > US Marine Corps Flagship > News Display

Couple Share Rare Promotion > US Marine Corps Flagship > News Display

During a ceremony today at Camp Barrett’s Basic School, the Marine Corps welcomed the unprecedented double promotion of both brigadiers. Gen. David Everly and Col. Natasha Everly. They are a dual-service military couple who join a small number of close-knit families who have dedicated their careers and families to military service.

State Department Fellow Natasha Everly was promoted to colonel by brigadier general. Gen. Ahmed Williamson, director of U.S. Cyber ​​Command operations, before her husband, David Everly, director of personnel plans and policy, was promoted to brigadier general by Lt. Gen. James Glynn, deputy commander of Manpower and Reserves.

For the whole family: A rare promotion for couples to share
Photo courtesy of Lance Corporal Anthony Ramsey.

U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General David R. Everly and State Department Fellow Col. Natasha M. Everly pose for a photo in Quantico, Virginia, March 1, 2024. Gen. David R. Everly and Col. Natasha M. Everly are a dual military couple who have been married for 14 years. (U.S. Marine Corps photo provided by LCpl Anthony Ramsey)

In a brief moment when Brig. Due to General Everly’s promotion, the couple shared a photo of him as a colonel. The audience erupted in laughter as two Marines in military marriages made up 3.6 percent of the total Marine Corps population, according to 2022 demographic data. They are among the 1.2 percent of Marines who are married to dual service members and have children.

“Service equals sacrifice, but it specifically means striving to be a good example for our children,” Natasha Everly said ahead of the ceremony. “[A dual-military marriage] It’s a journey we can navigate together. Don’t think that certain jobs are more important than keeping your family together. ‘Bloom where you are planted’ may seem like a cliché, but it has worked for our family. ”

“Service equals sacrifice, but it especially means striving to be a good example for our children.” Colonel Natasha Everly

With more than 50 years of combined service and 14 years of marriage, the Everlys expressed their gratitude to their family, friends, and mentors who helped make their shared success possible. Many of them supported her four children.

“Our pledge to you is that what you are sure to get from us is to pray, to do the best we have, to open the door, to listen, and to do everything we can to make a positive difference in someone’s life. “It’s about providing opportunities,” David Everly said. “You will always have a family that loves you and loves being a Marine.”

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