Kyle Rittenhouse ‘expelled’ from Marine Corps for failing military entrance exam?

Kyle Rittenhouse ‘expelled’ from Marine Corps for failing military entrance exam?


Kyle Rittenhouse was permanently disqualified from serving in the Marine Corps because he scored so low on the ASVAB test required to join the U.S. military.


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In the first week of April 2024, Many account on X (formerly Twitter) suggests that Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot and killed two people during a protest against police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020, did poorly on a U.S. entrance exam. shared a post. The Marine Corps announced that he was permanently barred from military service. The post included as evidence an email in which Rittenhouse said he tried to join the Marines in January 2020.

The claims quickly spread across social media, with accounts defending and mocking Rittenhouse’s actions. We set out to determine whether the images were real and whether the claims they supported were true.

The email is likely from a Kenosha police scene report, which Snopes is trying to obtain. Image cropped for readability. (X user @ChasinWhiteCaps)

In a profile of Rittenhouse written less than a week after the events in Kenosha, the Washington Post said he tried to join the Marines in early 2020, but “recruiters and… After discussing my options, I was disqualified from military service.” Service spokeswoman Yvonne Carlock, who spoke to The Post about the matter, declined to explain why she was removed from military service, citing privacy guidelines. However, this confirms that Rittenhouse has been disqualified from his service.

Are the images real?

Our first task was to determine whether the image was real or not, and our first clue came from a Reddit post. In the comments section of the post, one user claimed that the email was genuine and came from a specific page in the Kenosha Police Department’s field report regarding Rittenhouse’s actions. The user claimed he could access the information through a public records request. So Mr. Snopes sent such a request to the Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.

Under Wisconsin’s open records law, police departments and sheriffs must provide requested documents. deny the request “as soon as possible and without delay” or notify the interested party that the request has been denied. If you choose to deny your request, you must explain your reasons in writing. Information found on her website for the Kenosha Police Department, Snopes, suggested she would respond within 10 business days. This is the standard time estimate given for Freedom of Information Act requests.

Meanwhile, we tracked Post by X A set of additional emails from the same document was displayed. Now she has a list of the names of her five FBI agents. Mr. Snopes was able to find public information confirming that three of the men were indeed FBI agents. The fourth appeared in his Google search results, but not on the linked page. The fifth individual, Rebecca Lynn Laufer, was the only individual for whom no public information could be found. This level of detailed accuracy means this is either a highly detailed fake using real FBI personnel, or the real thing.

Next, we investigated the sources. 1 x Posted by david hancockHe advised Rittenhouse during the trial, but later claimed he regretted his actions, and credited the image to another X account run by a man named . paul prediger.

In Kenosha, Rittenhouse shot and killed two people and wounded a third. Prediger, formerly known as Gaige Grosskreutz, is the man who wounded but did not kill Rittenhouse. Mr. Snopes has reached out to Mr. Prediger, Mr. Hancock and Mr. Rittenhouse for comment and is currently in direct contact with Mr. Prediger. He was able to provide a 938-page Kenosha police report on Rittenhouse, of which 572 pages included the email in question.

Although it is incredibly difficult to forge a large number of documents, Although Snopes rates this claim as “under investigation,” we are waiting for our own independent records request to be fulfilled so we can use it to cross-reference documents provided by Prediger. Masu. This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

Was Rittenhouse denied entry into the military because of his low test scores?

This part of the argument was simpler. It is almost certainly false that Rittenhouse was barred from enlisting because of his low test scores.

There are two ways to interpret the language in the email in question, and only one of those interpretations leads to the idea that Rittenhouse was disqualified because of a low test score.

His test score was far below the required minimum, and he was permanently disqualified from joining the United States Marine Corps.

The first interpretation of the above sentence in the email is that “and” functions as “therefore.” This can be translated as, “His test score was far below the required minimum.” therefore He was disqualified from enlisting. ”

However, the test referred to in the article, the Military Vocational Aptitude Battery, can only be taken once, according to the U.S. Army’s website.

You can take the ASVAB test multiple times, but there are rules about how often you can take it. After the first attempt, he must wait one calendar month to retake the test. The third exam can be taken within 6 months after the second exam.

The second interpretation of the sentence is more clearly consistent with the text. The word “and” means “furthermore.” This reading means that Rittenhouse’s ASVAB score was very low, but it was not the reason for his disqualification.

So why was Rittenhouse disqualified?

Snopes is currently investigating this and will update this article with more information as it becomes available.

Up until then, we can say with relative confidence that Rittenhouse’s test scores were low, but that wasn’t the reason he underperformed. Permanently Disqualified from joining the Marine Corps.

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