Why do Marines have tubes shoved down their throats?

Why do Marines have tubes shoved down their throats?

A video posted to the unofficial U.S. Marine Corps u/USMC Reddit channel on Tuesday sparked a flurry of comments about what happens when Marines get bored.

The video in question appears to show a risky attempt to demonstrate the use of i-gel. i-gel is an advanced, uncomfortable-looking airway device that a Marine or Sailor is seen forcing down the throat of another conscious Marine in the video. As a paramedic who has actually used i-gel or two, I can tell you that this procedure is a step down from endotracheal intubation and is not something to be taken lightly.

I don’t want to be a party poop, but here’s the problem. i-gel is intended to be used as an airway device to help healthcare workers help others breathe or fully occupy the airway. There is no explanation to justify how much risk is being taken in the video. First of all, there is absolutely no reason to train a fully conscious person to use her i-gel when there is a mannequin designed for this very purpose.

That being said, just about anyone with proper training can install one of these devices. I won’t go into the exact details, but the basic procedure is to place the provided gel on the sheet of i-gel, align it with the airway anatomy, and push it into the airway until you meet resistance. catch? The patient must be under some kind of sedation or at least have no gag reflex (sorry for what’s going to happen in the comments section).

Here's what happens in the video of a Marine with a tube shoved down his throat

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