Camp Clark welcomes future Marines to special training event

Camp Clark welcomes future Marines to special training event

NEVADA, Mo. — Hundreds of future Marines from multiple states are calling Camp Clark, Nevada, home for several days.

More than 400 people are participating in the U.S. Marine Corps’ all-hand pool training.

Future Marines, also known as “Pulleys,” arrived at Camp Clark on Friday from throughout Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

This weekend – future Marines will get a glimpse behind the scenes. actual Boot camp training consists of various written and strength tests.

“So, the most important thing about this training is that my sole responsibility is to make sure they are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for the rigorous recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. “So what this does is it gives them the opportunity to interact directly with their drill instructors so they’re not surprised by what happens at the training center.” said Maj. Rick Hayek, commander of the U.S. Marine Corps. city.

Future Marines also have the opportunity to experience Ready to Eat meals, commonly referred to as MREs.

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