Vera File Fact Check: US is not sending Marines to help defend PH territory

Vera File Fact Check: US is not sending Marines to help defend PH territory

A video on YouTube falsely claims that the United States sent Marines to help the Philippines defend its territory from China. It’s not true.

On April 5th, a YouTube channel published a video with the false headline:

“U.S. sends Marines to disputed islands to help Philippines and Taiwan stop Chinese invasion”

The narrator shows various footage of the U.S. military and hints that these are Marines sent to the country, while also saying that the U.S. military was sent to the Middle East to train for a potential conflict with China. mentioned and betrayed the claims in the video’s headline.

A reverse image search revealed that some of the clips shown throughout the eight-minute fake video were older and not from the Philippines.

The three clips featured in this video, published on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service website, were taken during a major training activity, a joint military exercise called “Exercise Talisman Saber” held in 2019. The 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is shown participating. between America and Australia.

Click on the image to view the original source.

Another footage used in the false video features the U.S. 31st MEU, published by the unit’s official Facebook page, this time to authenticate all elements of the U.S. Marine Corps Air-Ground Task Force. We are conducting training.

The video narrator’s lines used are taken directly from the original. Articles from March 30th business insider Regarding the U.S. island hopping combat exercise program. Nowhere in the article does it say that the United States plans to send its military to help defend Philippine territory.

The video, which contains false claims, continued to circulate this week as Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) spokesperson Brigadier General Jay Tarriera. condemned The Chinese Coast Guard has opened a new investigation for allegedly harassing PCG and Department of Fisheries and Fisheries Resources vessels and boats of Filipino fishermen near Lozul Reef.

YouTube channel us defense video (created on May 18, 2017) published a false video that received over 47,000 views and over 600 interactions.

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