Former Marine convicted of incendiary bombing of family planning clinic

Former Marine convicted of incendiary bombing of family planning clinic

A federal judge has sentenced a former Marine to nine years in prison for the 2022 incendiary bombing of a family planning clinic while on active duty.

Chance Brannon, 24, of San Juan Capistrano, California, was stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time of the incendiary bombing, the Department of Justice said. Brannon has been in federal custody since his arrest in June 2023. In addition to the attack on the clinic, Brannon planned to attack the power grid, Dodger Stadium, and break into a Jewish home in Los Angeles.

In November 2023, Brannon was charged with one count of conspiracy, one count of malicious destruction of property with fire and explosives, one count of possession of an unregistered destructive device, and intentional destruction of a reproductive health services facility in violation of liberty. Pleaded guilty to one charge of causing damage to. Access to clinic entrance method.

“Brannon’s deep-seated hatred and extremist views have prompted him to target individuals and groups that do not conform to his neo-Nazi worldview, and in some cases to commit violent attacks that can kill innocent people. It was decided to do so,” the agent said. Mehtab Saeed, Assistant Director-in-Charge of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office.

The FBI and Naval Criminal Investigative Service arrested Brannon and Tibet Ergul, both of Irvine, in June 2023 in connection with the conspiracy and attack on the clinic. The third co-defendant is Xavier Batten of Brooksville, Florida. Batten and Ergul also pleaded guilty to charges related to the clinic attack and other plots. Both men are scheduled to be sentenced in May.

According to court documents, clinic security video shows two people wearing hooded sweatshirts and face masks approaching the building and throwing a Molotov cocktail in front of the Costa Mesa clinic around 1 a.m. on March 13, 2022. was recorded.

The fire spread through the walls and ceiling above the clinic’s entrance, but firefighters were able to stop it from spreading further.

Two months later, in May 2022, Brannon coached Batten on how to “avoid” a similar attack. Batten was also involved in planning other attacks.

“This is a glorious victory,” Brannon told an anonymous person in a text message after the attack, according to court documents. “But now more than ever we must pray and act, for hitherto indecisive women may decide to marry before the court’s decision/Christ Long live 88.”

According to court documents, the term “88” is coded language meaning “Heil Hitler.”

Many times, Brannon made statements to friends and fellow Marines condoning violence and rape against women.

“One Marine recalled,” [Brannon] commented on the murder of a woman who had an abortion and observed that [Brannon] According to court documents, he did not laugh when making these comments.

Investigators interviewed the Marines and said Brannon had said things like, “All Jews deserve to die.” “Jews control show business.” “Hitler didn’t get the job done.” and Jews “manipulate the black community.”

Colleagues and supervisors in the Marine Corps described Brannon as “lazy,” “aloof” and “uninterested in accomplishing his mission.”

Shortly before his arrest, Brannon told a friend, “During the last year of my contract, I was on the verge of sabotaging my business as aggressively as possible,” according to court documents.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s June 2022 ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, which recognized the constitutional right to abortion, Brannon and Ergul planned a second attack on another family planning clinic, but police nearby I didn’t take action when I saw that there was a problem. The clinic, according to court documents.

Throughout 2022, Brannon and Ergul discussed attacking an Orange County electrical substation to spark a race war. Brannon kept a file with a mission plan and equipment list for targeting the substation on a thumb drive disguised as a military-style necklace with the Marine Corps motto.

Brannon owns several items on the list, including a rifle marked “Total.” [N-word] “Death” written in Cyrillic and an audio recording of the 2019 Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooting in which a white supremacist killed 51 people and injured 40 others, according to court documents. There is.

In early summer 2023, prior to their arrests, Brannon and Ergul researched ways to attack Dodger Stadium, including using a remote explosive device, on a night when Dodger Stadium was celebrating LGBTQI+ Pride.

Agents arrested the two two days before the event.

In the days leading up to his arrest, Brannon began working with an anonymous person to rob Jewish residents of the Hollywood Hills. At the time of his arrest, Brannon was in possession of a short-barreled rifle with two suppressors, which were not registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Records.

Mr. Brannon also called two foreign adversaries, who are not named in court documents, in the hope that he would come forward as a “mole” to provide them with U.S. information.

Todd South has written about crime, courts, government, and the military for multiple publications since 2004 and was a 2014 Pulitzer finalist for his co-authored project on witness intimidation. Todd is a veteran of the Iraq War.

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