Navy and Marines seek more skilled recruits to build their forces

Navy and Marines seek more skilled recruits to build their forces


Most of the problems facing one branch of America’s defense are usually very similar to those faced by other branches. In that respect, the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are not that different from his LKFORCES of the Army, Air Force, and Space. Of course, how they analyze and approach problem solving is as unique as their personal history. For our marine elements, that means aligning new ways of thinking with their core beliefs.

This year’s gathering began with a leadership panel featuring some of the most senior voices in our nation’s maritime defense.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Lisa Franchetti, with nearly 40 years of service and the first woman to serve as the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the Navy not only needs more Sailors, but also their training and training. He also criticized his own position that it is necessary. Ready to serve, tell your audience….

“It is clear that we need a larger navy, and every study since 2016 says we need a larger navy. When you talk about more players on the field, it’s players who are actually ready to be on the field. ”


That sentiment was echoed by Under Secretary of the Navy Eric Raven told those gathered at Maryland’s National Port.


You need a budget to support your strategy, putting people and preparedness first.


Gen. Christopher Mahoney, deputy commander of the U.S. Marine Corps, noted his branch’s retention numbers were cited as “very good.” At the same time, we also acknowledge that the Corps is insufferable and unable to address quality of life issues.


That equates to the conditions of their barracks, access to medical care, access to childcare, a full daycare center, a full gym. And instead of sitting there and declaring victory again, you have to constantly bring in new ideas to make sure you’re meeting their needs.


Admiral Franchetti also addressed the need for Congress to ensure the military completes its mission in a timely manner, specifically the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.


Rather than getting the budget on time, [continuing resolution]will be very helpful in maintaining the momentum we are trying to achieve.

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