New Dual Military Monitors Aim to Smooth Mission Processes > U.S. Marine Corps Flagship > News Display

New Dual Military Monitors Aim to Smooth Mission Processes > U.S. Marine Corps Flagship > News Display

Deployments, permanent changes in assignments, and long hours are just some of the aspects of military service that put a strain on marriages. The pressure increases when both parties to the marriage are military personnel. The Personnel and Reserve Personnel Management Branch is creating a dual-service monitor billet to reduce the stress associated with the command assignment process for dual-service couples.

According to statistics, as of March 20, 2024, 8,695 Marines are married to another service member. Approximately 2,500 Marines in dual military marriages carry out PCS orders each year. Almost 60 percent of married female Marines are married to another service member. Given these statistics, it’s no wonder the Marine Corps finds cohabitation for dual-duty couples complicated. Previously, when complex problems arose, there was no dedicated effort to address them. Manpower Management recognized this issue and took action by creating dual-income monitors to ensure that dual-income couples have dedicated resources. Dual military monitors ensure efficient coordination between the couple’s primary military career specialty monitors.

“The Marine Corps Commandant made a promise to keep dual military families together… Manpower Management created this billet to ensure that promise is kept.” said the sergeant. Marine Nancy Acuña has been selected as a dual force observer for the manpower management noncommissioned officer assignment.

Dual Military Monitor assists dual military couples with various processes. These include reporting marriages to administrative centers, requests for cohabitation, and streamlining the separation exemption process. Marine Corps Nancy Acuna, selected as the Dual Force Monitor for Staff Sergeant Manpower Management Noncommissioned Officer Assignment, received guidance on geolocation selection, timeline execution, and career options regarding available programs. It also serves as a resource for military families.

For inter-service dual service military couples and active reserve Marine couples, dual service monitors communicate with Marine officer and enlisted duty monitors, reserve monitors, and other military detail or duty personnel. facilitate.

“My job is to make sure dual military families feel supported by this service,” Acuña said. “They make a great contribution to the Marine Corps, and we value them by making the command assignment process as simple and easy as possible.”

The stress associated with dual military marriages often results in one member leaving the military. Dual military monitors help talented Marines keep their families together while continuing to wear their uniforms. It’s a professional and personal victory for the Marines. This demonstrates the service’s dedication to refining policies and processes to best serve individual Marines and optimize unit capabilities.

Additional information will be published in future marine management messages.

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