30 sailors and Marines injured in maritime training accident off the coast of Florida

30 sailors and Marines injured in maritime training accident off the coast of Florida

Editor’s note: This article has been updated with comment from the U.S. 2nd Fleet.

The Navy announced Thursday that dozens of sailors and Marines were injured Wednesday night in a maritime accident during a training exercise off the coast of Florida.

The Navy said 30 Marines and sailors were injured, and five sailors were medically transported to Savannah Memorial University Medical Center for further treatment.

The Navy announced Thursday afternoon that “four of the five sailors have been discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment.” “One sailor is still receiving medical treatment and is being evaluated for further treatment.”

The incident involved two of the Navy’s so-called “Landing Craft Air Cushions” (LCACs), 91-foot-long air cushions used to transport troops and supplies from ships to shore. It was a ship with a ship.

The Navy statement did not say what specific training the LCAC was conducting before the incident, nor did it address the nature of the injuries.

Asked by Navy Times about the nature of the injuries and what the LCAC was doing before the accident, U.S. 2nd Fleet officials emailed a statement reiterating the Navy’s original statement earlier Thursday. I sent it with

Troops with minor injuries were treated on the amphibious assault ship Wasp and Amphibious Transport Pier New York, two of the three ships that make up the Wasp amphibious readiness group.

According to the Navy, the unit spent much of April in pre-deployment training.

Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit and sailors assigned to Wasp Amphibious Ready Group were involved.

One LCAC was attached to the amphibious assault ship Wasp and the other was attached to the amphibious transport pier New York.

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