DVIDS – News – Marine Corps advances modernization efforts with in-house CBM+ capabilities

DVIDS – News – Marine Corps advances modernization efforts with in-house CBM+ capabilities

Recognizing the rapidly changing geopolitical landscape and the evolving nature of future warfare, the U.S. Marine Corps is undertaking significant modernization efforts based on the principles outlined in Force Design’s Force Innovation Blueprint. We are doing

To enhance maintenance, efficiency, and tactical advantage, the Corps is adopting a Condition-Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) strategy to streamline capability maintenance. This approach leverages advanced data collection and analysis to predict and proactively prevent equipment failures and to deploy six major vehicles, including joint light tactical vehicles, medium tactical vehicle replacements, and logistics vehicle system replacements. Optimize maintenance schedules for modern vehicle platforms and critical operational capabilities.

To accomplish this objective, Marine Corps Systems Command’s Maintenance Support Systems (MSS) Product Manager expanded on the CBM+ Minimum Viable Product developed in Facilities and Logistics (I&L). Since transitioning to MCSC in February 2023, the program has expanded to include over 900 CBM+ enabled platforms, significantly improving data quality and enhancing data collection and analysis capabilities. , thereby increasing overall mission efficiency.

Additionally, recognizing the risks posed by adversaries using asymmetric tactics to access and manipulate information, the MSS team has taken the strategic step of partnering with vendors that support CBM+ capabilities through government-owned cloud services. Ta. This approach not only enhances security, but also ensures continuity of ownership of intellectual property, anchoring technology within the USMC infrastructure and preventing potential vulnerabilities associated with external proprietary platforms. Masu.

According to Lieutenant Commander Ryan Ackland, team leader for Automated Test Systems, “CBM+ capabilities are integrated within the Navy’s secure Jupiter Enclave, with easy access to dashboards via CAC, while all data is hosted at the USMC. In addition, the Marine Corps owns all intellectual property of the product, further ensuring its operational integrity. Leveraging the Marine Corps Enterprise Network for our data pipeline provides enhanced security and aligns with our business best practices. ”

Expanding on this foundation, Maj. Ackland’s team is working to transition this capability to the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN). This move not only ensures secure data transmission across the network, but also centralizes control within MCEN, enhancing end-to-end security and operational control.

As of May 2024, 16 units across the Marine Corps are equipped with Condition-Based Maintenance Plus hardware and utilize prototype dashboards for real-time monitoring and analysis of vehicle conditions. The MSS team continues to release dashboard updates that incorporate enhanced features and user feedback to further streamline data analysis and maintenance management processes, contributing to increased operational efficiency and mission readiness.

Ultimately, the Corps’ CBM+ modernization strategy leverages government-owned cloud services to enhance strategic autonomy and data security, increasing operational readiness and efficiency. Going forward, the CBM+ team will continue to integrate systems such as Expeditionary Fluid Analysis and Automated Fuel Reporting, moving from prototype to production in FY25 and releasing an industry request for proposals in FY26.


Marine Corps Systems Command serves as the Department of the Navy’s systems command for the Marine Corps’ ground weapons and information technology systems programs to equip and sustain full-spectrum capabilities for the Marine Corps.

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