Troops injured in landing craft collision return to duty or stable

Troops injured in landing craft collision return to duty or stable

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As of Friday, May 3, 34 service members had returned to duty and one sailor was in stable condition after a collision between two landing craft off the coast of Florida last week, the Navy said.

Thirty-five sailors and Marines from Wasp Amphibious Ready Group and the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit were injured Wednesday when two Navy landing craft air cushion ships (LCACs) collided during a training exercise near Jacksonville. .

The Navy has not disclosed the cause of the collision, which remains under investigation.

The military initially said 30 sailors and Marines were injured in Wednesday’s incident, but later updated that number to 35.

“As the incident unfolded and aid was provided, additional personnel were treated, increasing the total number of injured to 35,” the Navy said in a news release Friday.

The Navy announced Thursday that five sailors were taken to Savannah Memorial University Medical Center for further treatment, and four of them were discharged after treatment.

One sailor was in stable condition and was taken to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center on May 3, according to a statement Friday. The medical center is the closest military treatment facility to the sailors’ home base in Norfolk, Virginia, the Navy said.

The LCAC, which transports troops and supplies from ships to shore, was deployed from the amphibious assault ship Wasp and the amphibious transport pier in New York.

A third LCAC provided immediate assistance and transported all 38 sailors and Marines to Wasp and New York, where the soldiers with minor injuries were treated, the Navy said.

Navy Times Editor Jeff Zieslewicz contributed reporting to this article.

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