U.S. Marine Corps officials reveal details of friendly fire on Israeli Defense Force drones – Israel News

U.S. Marine Corps officials reveal details of friendly fire on Israeli Defense Force drones – Israel News

The Israeli Defense Forces have shot down a significant number of their own drones during operations, The Warzone (TWZ) reported on Thursday, citing US Marine Corps officials.

According to Marine Corps Lt. Col. Michael Pruden, the Israel Defense Forces have destroyed 40% of their unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Mr. Pruden is the director of the Marine Air Command and Control Integration Division within the Air Combat Elements Division within the service’s Combat Development and Integrated Command (CD&I).

“The interesting thing that’s coming from Israel is that 40 percent, 40 percent (I repeat this number for emphasis), 40 percent of the drones destroyed by Israel are examples of ‘friend fire,'” Pruden said. spoke in a lecture given in the annual Contemporary Magazine. Wednesday is the Marine Expo.

According to TWZ, he did not provide additional details about this statistic, such as the time period. However, he hinted that this data was obtained from operations in the Gaza Strip in the current war with Hamas.

(Credit: IAI)

Discussing why so many friendly drones are shot down, Pruden said, “When Israel was engaged in Gaza and we were on the front lines, we saw small drones that were never identified. What are you going to do?” he said. Are you going to shoot it down right away? ”

Pruden said this is the default course of action because the time between a drone being detected and an attack being carried out is typically measured in “seconds.”

The IDF has previously admitted that one of its drones crashed accidentally.

Pruden revealed that the IDF has also previously admitted to accidentally shooting down drones. The IDF has one of the most advanced integrated air defense systems in the world, so if this is a problem for the Israeli military, it is likely to be a problem for other militaries around the world as well.

US Marine Corps officials highlighted related communications issues within the US military. “How can I put thousands of small unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky and not tell anyone about it, especially about ground-based air defense and anti-UAS?” [elements]? ”

Pruden sees these false intercepts as a problem that will only increase as the number of drones in the sky increases.

Israel’s current defense systems include the Arrow 3, an exo-atmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile, and the Arrow 2, an intra-atmospheric anti-ballistic missile, manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries. Below it is David’s sling and iron dome, both made by Rafael.

The laser air defense system “Iron Beam” will be added as a new line of defense. In this system, Rafael plays a key role as the developer of the launcher, and Elbit is the supplier of the laser itself. The system is designed to intercept rockets and various drones with the help of a laser beam with a power of about 100 kilowatts. However, if the detection system is not improved, this system could also intercept friendly drones.

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