US SOCOM and Marine Corps test new Polaris MRZR Alpha 6×6

US SOCOM and Marine Corps test new Polaris MRZR Alpha 6×6

An undisclosed number of Polaris government and defense MRZR Alpha 6×6 vehicles have been purchased by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and Marine Corps Combat Laboratory (MCWL) as part of a test and evaluation program, company officials confirmed. ..

talk to shepherdAhead of SOF Week 2024, company officials said the MRZR Alpha 6×6 vehicle will be installed in USSOCOM’s Program Manager Family of Special Operations Vehicles (PM-FOSOV) in January to support “ongoing evaluation and experimentation.” confirmed that it had been delivered.

PM-FOSOV will help inform future requirements using the vehicle,” the official said, adding that MCWL is “actively experimenting with the implementation of new capabilities using the platform in the areas of logistics and precision fires.” “It was confirmed.

Neither USSOCOM nor Polaris could provide specific details about the location and date of the test. However, according to defense officials, shepherd That evaluation was conducted at sites in the Southwest and Midwest of the continental United States, in addition to the new MRZR variant’s participation at the USSOCOM’s Ground Mobility Rodeo held at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) in April.

At last year’s SOF Week, PM-FOSOV officials first revealed plans to consider “expanded freight vehicle (3-axle/6×6)” capacity in 2023. No further details were released at that time.

Defense sources also revealed that shepherd Evaluations of the 6×6 are already underway at MCWL at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Virginia, and evaluations are also planned with Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) in the coming months. USMC also received his MRZR Alpha 6×6 in January.

This news follows the Minnesota-based company’s announcement that it will develop and manufacture a prototype vehicle with an extended wheelbase in June 2023.

Polaris’ MRZR light tactical assault vehicle family has traditionally consisted of 4×4 designs that have gained great popularity around the world, particularly among special operations forces for use in special reconnaissance, direct action, and “fly and drive” missions. I am.

Commenting on the design of the two-seater 6×6 model, company officials said, “The third axle and short wheelbase positively impact maneuverability, reducing ground pressure per tire and making it easier to maneuver in soft soil, mud, and swamps. “We are improving the performance of the

Additionally, it also increases the vehicle’s ability to crawl over rocks. The MRZR Alpha 6×6 maintains top speed and air transportability, and shares more than 90% parts with his base MRZR Alpha. ”

Polaris initially chose to design and manufacture a 6×6 platform to optimize “heavier systems and payloads such as mobile mortar systems, command and control, UAS/drone launches, and counter-UAS.”

The 6×6 version is just 11 inches longer than its 4×4 predecessor and offers an additional 3,000 pounds of availability over the 4×4 Alpha platform already in service with U.S. Army SOF and the U.S. Marine Corps.

Like the 4×4, it can also be installed as an internal load in the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor.

In a separate and related effort, company officials have introduced two new export power versions of the MRZR Alpha 4×4. These increase the export power capability from 1kW at 12V to 1kW at 24V up to 5kW while stationary or on the move to support these operations. Solutions that require power.

The 6×6 was displayed at Modern Day Marine at Marine Corps Base Quantico and again at SOF Week, and was equipped with an MSI pedestal launcher. His APKWS from BAE Systems. And additional rockets are on board.

Polaris officials declared that the platform can also support a variety of other solutions, including L-MADIS (Light Maritime Air Defense Integrated System), Common Air Command and Control System (CAC2S), and NOTM (Networking on the Move) .

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