Warhammer 40K: Chaos Space Marines Preview – Eight Detachments Arrival

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Space Marines Preview – Eight Detachments Arrival

The Chaos Space Marine Codex is coming soon, and it’ll be accompanied by a whopping eight detachments. The time has come to spread heresy.

Chaos Space Marine players, get ready because you’re on deck with a new codex. There’s bound to be something to suit your particular playstyle. There are eight different detachments to choose from. Let’s take a quick look at their current status.

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“Let’s get straight to the point – Codex: Chaos Space Marines is coming soon and it includes eight* detachments. Eight! In addition to one detachment for each point on the Chaos Star. With this wealth of military options, you can pattern your maverick warband after some of the galaxy’s most infamous factions, from Traitor Legions to Pirate Rebels.

Chaos Space Marine Detachment

First of all, we have a fast-moving detachment. The Deceptor aims to get close as quickly as possible and is based on the Alpha Legion and its dastardly operations.

You can get up close and stay ahead of the enemy while maintaining fire support. This sounds like an aggressive force attempting to take an enemy objective by force.

Next up is the Chaos Cult Detachment. If you like throwing mobs of cultists into a combat meat grinder, this is definitely for you!

This allows you to turn the Cultist against your enemies at a cost. But hey, that’s what the fanatics are for anyway! Let’s jam the guns of the unbelievers with their bodies and let them show their devotion there. Or something. On the “bright side”, survivors can become even more dangerous as they suffer more losses. I think that’s a plus.

There’s also an updated Slaves to Darkness Detachment, renamed Pactbound Zealots. This is basically the same, but the name change better reflects their abilities. And with its return, we’re seeing some favorites come with it, too. Don’t forget the Talisman of Fiery Blood.

If you want a taste of the old world, there are also new veterans of the Long War Detachment, which are reminiscent of those days, as well as disciplined Marines.

If you’re looking for a strong “get all participants” list, “Veterans of the Long War” seems like a good choice. Take them out and show the new Primaris Punks how it used to be!

If you’re a powerful Chaos Lord and want more of the Hero Hammer aspect, Felhammer Siegehost might be a good option. They have all the tools to dropkick enemy sluggers into the trash can of doom!

Imagine slamming this down with a multi-attack melee weapon while tearing through vehicles and fortifications with (relatively) ease. Or maybe your Chaos Lord is interested in joining the fight with friends. Check out the Dread Talon detachment, slow down, and leave before you face the consequences!

The last detachment mentioned was the Soulforged Warpack Detachment. This is powered by Vashtorr the Arkifane. There is definitely a monster vehicle upgrade for the Demon Engine.

It will be a good time to be a heretic!


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