Chaos Space Marines – Are They Number One Again? – FTN

Chaos Space Marines – Are They Number One Again? – FTN

Chaos Space Marines is available for pre-order starting today, which is sure to make many fans very happy.

There’s something for everyone in this codex, and it’s powerful no matter how you use the collection. We enter the countless detachments of this codex. If you like CSM, don’t miss this.

Just like their faithful cousins, this book features a number of detachments that, if you look hard enough, resemble the legions you may know and love. This format gives you the freedom to use models and units and makes it very clear that you are not constrained to just a color scheme.

I love this aspect of this edition. I love Iron Warriors, but want to play like Word Bearers? Good luck.

The sneaky and tough troops in this book have become instant go-to’s for me. Each of these is packed with tricks and things that just “work” in 40k right now. I love it!

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