Elizabeth Warren officially has a Marine Corps challenger.prosecutor john deaton

Elizabeth Warren officially has a Marine Corps challenger.prosecutor john deaton

Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Deaton, a retired military prosecutor, on Monday submitted the 10,000 signatures needed to seek party consent to run against Sen. Elizabeth Warren in November. (Nancy Lane/Boston Herald)

Former military prosecutor John Deaton has announced his bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren by submitting the 10,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot.

Mr. Deaton, a retired U.S. Marine who moved to the Bay State from Rhode Island earlier this year but is originally from Detroit, Michigan, announced his intention to run against Ms. Warren in February. On Monday, he was at the Office of the Secretary of Elections to deliver 11,873 certified signatures to state officials.

“Today, our campaign is taking the next step toward Elizabeth Warren’s retirement and restoring Massachusetts’ voice in the Senate. We are grateful to our volunteers and supporters who share our enthusiasm,” Deaton told the Herald.

Deaton, 56, a mesothelioma lawyer and cryptocurrency advocate who now lives in Swansea, considers himself unique among politicians, citing his impoverished upbringing and service in the Marines. It is highly praised.

Warren, 74, is seen as potentially vulnerable in an election cycle that almost certainly coincides with a highly contested presidential race, and she is in a race that is likely to include a competitive primary. participate.

Quincy City Council President Ian Cain also announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination.

Warren currently faces no left-wing opposition seeking a third term.

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