Marine charged with threatening to shoot white people

Marine charged with threatening to shoot white people

A man who was discharged from the Marine Corps on Friday after less than a year of service was arrested Monday for allegedly threatening to kill a white person online.

Former PFC. Joshua Cobb, 23, of Trenton, New Jersey, was charged in an indictment with communicating threats in interstate and foreign commerce, the New Jersey District Attorney’s Office announced in a news release.

According to the complaint, the alleged threats began in December 2022, when a social media user with an IP address associated with Cobb’s residence in New Jersey declared that he intended to “erase” white people with shootings.

“I want to cause chaos in the white community,” the user wrote. “The reason I specifically want to target white people is because as a black man they will never understand my struggle.”

On another social platform, a user named “1dayUsuffer” posted his desire to become a serial killer in the spring of 2023.

The user made several posts expressing a desire to commit mass violence, saying the posts would serve as “evidence” and “clues” for “when it’s over.”

“I’ll probably overdose on adrenaline after the 10th body falls,” he wrote in one post.

In another post, a user said he killed a cat with a crossbow.

“It was a very bloody scene and I loved it,” he wrote.

The user described a family history of schizophrenia, but said he refused to get diagnosed for fear of losing his firearms license.

FBI agents then used IP addresses and other clues to link Cobb to the account, according to the complaint.

Cobb will begin recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, in June 2023, Marine Corps spokeswoman 2nd Lt. Gisele Cancino said in an emailed statement to Marine Corps Times on Tuesday. Stated. He became a private first class in September 2023.

Cancino said he checked into the Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California, in February as a rifleman with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment.

According to the complaint, FBI agents seized Cobb’s cellphone on April 2 and interviewed him at a base in California.

During interrogation, Cobb admitted to writing the post and specified gyms and grocery stores he was considering for attacks, according to the complaint. He told FBI agents that he was able to obtain the guns through acquaintances, including relatives of his, who legally owned firearms.

When Cobb was told by FBI agents that his cellphone had been confiscated, he became furious and said, “This is the kind of thing that makes someone want to do the things we talked about,” according to the complaint.

The man’s cell phone contained notes from April 2023 and May 2023 expressing a desire to kill and detailing how to bring the gun to New Jersey, the complaint said.

Cancino said the Marine Corps discharged Cobb from the military on Friday, but declined to say what the discharge entailed. During his brief stint in the Marine Corps, Cobb received a letter of commendation, but no personal award or deployment, the spokesperson said.

Cobb has been in federal custody since his arrest Monday, according to court records. His bail hearing is scheduled for this Friday.

He faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to a news release.

Saverio Villano, a federal public defender for the District of New Jersey who represents Mr. Cobb, said the public defender’s office does not comment on the case.

Eileen Lowenson is a staff reporter at Marine Corps Times. She joined Military Times as an Editorial Fellow in her August 2022. She is a graduate of Williams College and served as editor-in-chief of the student newspaper.

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