DVIDS – News – 3D Littoral Combat Team Wins 2024 U.S. Marine Corps Annual Rifle Squad Competition

DVIDS – News – 3D Littoral Combat Team Wins 2024 U.S. Marine Corps Annual Rifle Squad Competition

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. – The U.S. Marine Corps Rifle Squad with the 3rd Coastal Combat Team participated in the 2024 U.S. Marine Corps Annual Rifle Squad Competition held from April 29 to May 3.

Top rifle squads from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Marine Divisions traveled to Marine Corps Base Quantico to compete to be named the best on behalf of their respective units. The U.S. Marine Corps Annual Rifle Squad Competition is a military-level competition that determines which Marine Corps rifle squads most effectively demonstrate proficiency in combat capabilities in a simulated combat environment. Throughout the grueling 72-hour event, each squad tested their marksmanship, decision-making skills, and physical and mental toughness.

The annual rifle squad competition consisted of six phases. Each phase is designed to test the organic capabilities expected of Marine Corps rifle units. The first phase was the Squad Skill Evaluation (SSE), an 11-mile course with 11 different stations along the way. Stations include weapon assembly and disassembly, underwater survival, obstacle courses, testing basic infantry skills, and using communications and weapons assets in tactical scenarios. Phase 2 had a run time of just three hours and left no room for error as the squad captured defensive positions and generated sector sketches critical to establishing an impregnable interlocking defense. His next three phases were to evaluate individual rifleman’s shooting performance in an infantry marksmanship assessment (IMA) and squad mass attack tactics on two live fire ranges, including two day and night attacks. It was done in parallel. During the phase that included live fire, success was measured by the high number of effective rounds on the Trackless Mobile Infantry Target (TMIT), an autonomous robotic targeting system used to provide a more realistic training environment. In the sixth and final stage, the cohesiveness of the units was tested. The Marines conducted a 45-minute ground battle as a squad, conducting a Tactical Decision Game (TDG). Each team tried their best, but only one team could become the champion.

On May 9, nearly a week after the competition ended, Company C, 1st Platoon, 1st Detachment, 3rd Littoral Combat Team (LCT) was announced as the winner of the three-day competition. They were recognized not only for their unparalleled performance, but also for being the first Littoral Combat Team in Marine Corps history to win the title.

“Our training here at LCT keeps Marine squads ready by being tactical and always ready, conducting patrol-based operations, and conducting live fire attacks by squads day and night. We did it,” said squad leader Sergeant Major Nathan Olsen, reflecting on the squad’s training. Preparing for the event. “That’s why we were so proficient when it mattered.”

As part of the force design initiative, the 3rd Marine Coastal Regiment and its subordinate units operate using a new force structure and mission organization that differs from traditional Marine infantry battalions. Olsen emphasized what sets his team apart from its competitors:

“Because of the experience level of my team leaders and their proficiency, we were able to run a very decentralized operation. It all comes down to the individual Marines and their competitive nature. “We were there to win, and everyone understood that.”

The squad’s accomplishments highlight its unparalleled performance and testify to the changes the squad and its parent unit have undergone since its redesignation in 2020. As a concept based on force design, the move to a more agile, less distinctive force structure capable of operating in a distributed environment is intended to meet the demands of future conflicts.

“Their victory is a testament to the soundness of the rifle squad structure employed here at the 3rd Coastal Combat Team,” said Capt. Sean Mulligan, the company commander of the victorious squad. “But the essential element of their success was the individuality of each member. That’s what I’m most proud of. These Marines are leaders of small units of riflemen and infantry. They embody what that means. They demonstrate these qualities both in preparation and in competition.”

Forged by traditional capabilities and enhanced by strategic adaptability, the 3D LCT victory validates force design concepts for the Marine Corps Coastal Regiment and Fleet Marine Forces. This is not just a singular accomplishment, but a testament to continued innovation within the Marine Corps to counter and win against threats at any pace. Their ability to operate in diverse environments and execute missions with precision and determination from the squad to regimental level emphasizes that the MLR is a cornerstone of Marine Corps operations.

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