Military concealed attempted infiltration of Quantico base from Marines: sources

Military concealed attempted infiltration of Quantico base from Marines: sources

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FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Leadership at Marine Corps Base Quantico did not warn rank-and-file soldiers about an attempted infiltration by two Jordanians in a box truck until two weeks after it occurred, The Post has learned. Ta.

The incident occurred on May 3, when the two men approached the Marine Corps base’s Fuller Road gate, were stopped for inspection, and tried to ram their way in, but were stopped by military guards.

The incident was first reported by the Potomac Local News, later picked up by the Post, and confirmed by base spokesman Capt. Michael Curtis.

But Matt Strickland, 40, who was the first to report the incident to the new local scene, said the Marine Corps wasn’t notified until May 16.

“I [raised the alarm]”I got messages from people who work at Quantico saying, ‘Oh my god, when did this happen?'” Strickland told the Post.

Matt Strickland was behind the first flag. Aristide Economopoulos
The Post cannot confirm the message Matt Strickland received about two Jordanians trying to break into Quantico. Matt Strickland/Facebook

“Two weeks after the incident occurred, Quantico finally emailed base employees to inform them of the incident.

“Basically, it was, ‘Guys, I don’t think we can keep this a secret. You should try CYA.'” [cover your ass]said Strickland, a former infantry combat medic, private military contractor with Blackwater and combat incident analyst with the National Ground Intelligence Center.

Strickland served “downriver” in Iraq and Afghanistan for a combined nine years from 2004 to 2016. He said federal authorities have no right to bury details of the thwarted invasion.

“Every American has a right to know what happened at Quantico.

“The public has a right to know what’s happening in their area,” he said.

Traffic jam passing entrance sign for Marine Corps Base Quantico AP

Some reports speculated that the two arrested had recently crossed the southern border into the United States, and that one was on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list.

Strickland was told that one of the people involved had a Virginia ID and the other was a terrorist. The Post has not been able to independently verify either rumor.

Both men are currently in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. Officials declined further comment, saying only that he would be held by ICE until he is deported.

Quantico did not respond to a request from the Post for further comment on the violations or the identities of those involved.

“Who are you hiding that information from? The reason may be that the terrorists and the Jordanians, who are working for them, don’t know all the information. But these two “No matter who the Jordanian men worked for, we already know what they were up to and why they were arrested,” Strickland said.

“The only people who don’t know what happened are the American people.

Mr. Strickland, a native of Fredericksburg, Virginia, has learned from his experience working on attacked convoys and analyzing subsequent combat intelligence that the secrecy surrounding what happened at Quantico was intended to avoid embarrassment for the administration. It is not intended to protect national security.

Traffic jams past the entrance sign to Marine Corps Base Quantico AP

“I’ve been an operations person and worked behind the scenes as an intelligence analyst. The government completely over-classifies everything. A lot of what they hide from us, they Not for national security reasons as stated.

“The secrecy had a purpose because the people who breached the gate were illegal immigrants who were on a terrorist watch list.

“And they are allowing illegal immigrants to come across the border.

Near the entrance to Marine Corps Base Quantico is a small statue of the Iwo Jima Memorial. Aristide Economopoulos

“We have people coming across the border who hate us and want us dead.”

Strickland echoed speculation that the failed invasion was a dry run for a future terrorist attack, saying his experience in the military is that the threat of terrorism is very real. He said he learned.

“Having spent years in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I know firsthand that people are not the only ones who want to live a better life across borders.

“All attacks that occur downrange, especially on VBEDS [Vehicle Borne Explosive Devices]There was always a dry run, always. ”

He also lamented that under the Biden administration, the southern border has been under siege, more than 7.5 million immigrants have been apprehended, and 1.7 million immigrant “fugitives” have been illegally smuggled into the country without being apprehended.

Traffic jam passing entrance sign for Marine Corps Base Quantico AP

“I don’t know any American who would object to people of goodwill coming to this country who just want to assimilate our values ​​and raise their families in a better environment,” he said.

“For every 10 good people who came here seeking a better life, there is one person in that crowd who is trying to kill us. And we will keep them in our country.” I’m just allowing it.

“And they will remain dormant and disciplined for however long it takes until that time comes.

“It is impossible to properly vet the number of people crossing the border.

“[The authorities] “The government doesn’t want to release all the information because it’s an incompetent government that allowed these people to be in the United States in the first place. This is an election year, so the government won’t let those negative stories come out. “I don’t want that,” Strickland added.

Strickland said that although he was “not a real politician” and “never trusted politicians,” he was impressed by President Trump’s decision not to bomb Iran in 2019, and was impressed by President Trump’s decision not to bomb Iran in 2019. He said he voted for the first time in 2017.

The veteran restauranteur first made headlines for flouting COVID-19 regulations, and ultimately won a legal battle with the health department to have his alcohol license reinstated.

This notoriety has earned him a reputation as a defender of the people, which is why Quantico’s contacts initially relayed messages to him about the Jordanian attacks.

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