DVIDS – News – U.S. Marine Corps and South Korean Marine Corps collaborate on AI at Science and Technology Day

DVIDS – News – U.S. Marine Corps and South Korean Marine Corps collaborate on AI at Science and Technology Day

Republic of Korea – May 14, 2024

The Korea Science and Technology Day, held on May 14, 2024, provided a platform for the sharing of ideas and knowledge between the U.S. Marine Corps Korea and the Republic of Korea Marine Corps. One of the prominent speakers, Lt. Col. William Dubois, MARFORK’s communications officer and deputy chief of staff, gave a presentation on the critical role of artificial intelligence (AI) and its observations in modern military operations.

Lt. Col. Dubois was asked by his colleagues in the ROK Marine Corps to speak about AI and highlight the relationship between the U.S. Marine Corps and the ROK Marine Corps. “We have a very close relationship with the ROK Marine Corps,” said Lt. Col. Dubois, emphasizing the mutual interest in improving AI capabilities within both organizations. “AI is a very important topic for the ROK Marine Corps.”

Speaking to an audience of military leaders and industry experts, Lt. Col. Dubois spoke at length about various aspects of AI, from its applications to ongoing efforts within the U.S. Marine Corps and its use in modern warfare. He spoke about the concept of the kill web and responsible AI, emphasizing the importance of fighting smart in the information environment.

Lt. Col. Dubois refers to the following comment by the Deputy Commander for Intelligence: “We are winning our Nation’s wars.”

“Our commanders, in the ‘How do we fight’ flag, are the middle ground between distributed operations, distributed forces, long-range sensing and all sensors, fire by all shooters, and the need to control emissions. We have set goals. From the meeting, we can see that the Korean MC shares many of the same priorities,” said Lt. Col. Dubois.

Lt. Col. Dubois asserted the transformative potential of AI to revolutionize decision-making processes based on strategic doctrine and innovation campaigns. “The emergence of artificial intelligence in some form or fashion is inevitable,” Dubois said, acknowledging the evolving landscape of war and the imperative to be prepared for an advancing enemy. “We need to leverage artificial intelligence to do things better and faster to address adversaries, whether they use those technologies or not.”

“When our commander talks about force design, he calls it a learning campaign, and I think meetings like this contribute directly to that campaign,” said Lt. Col. DuBois. “The participation of the U.S. Marines in the Korean Marine Corps Science and Technology Conference was an important step toward our common goal of victory.”

The conference concluded with a call to action encouraging cooperation and innovation to harness the potential of AI for the collective defense and security of allied nations. “All military professionals, especially leaders, need more exposure to AI. If you decide to experiment with commercial AI tools, be sure to do so securely by protecting your military and personal information. I believe this group will have great success because receiving it can be likened to writing a well-written five-paragraph order or assigned task,” said Lt. Col. Dubois.

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