DVIDS – News – U.S. Marines and Canadian Soldiers Plan to Defend Against Cyber ​​Attacks

DVIDS – News – U.S. Marines and Canadian Soldiers Plan to Defend Against Cyber ​​Attacks

MONTREAL — U.S. Marines assigned to Alpha Company Internal Defense Countermeasures Cyberspace Operations participated in joint training, CyberHarmony 2024, with military personnel from partner nations of the Canadian Army at the Royal Montreal Regiment, Quebec, April 27-28, 2024. Cyber ​​Harmony is a military-versus-military training event pitting simulated nation states against each other in cyberattacks.

DCO-IDM’s role is to employ a set of protocols and strategies to protect U.S. military networks, systems, and information from unauthorized access, manipulation, and destruction by cyberspace hackers. These measures include constant monitoring of networks, access controls, encryption of these networks and sensitive data, and scheduling regular security audits.

The goal of Cyber ​​Harmony was for DCO-IDM to adopt, sustain and improve its cyber capabilities and serve as a defensive cyberspace operator. The exercise brought the Marines and joint NATO allies’ defensive cyber capabilities to training objectives through a digital capture-the-flag simulation.

This ensures responsiveness and adaptability to sudden cyber threats that may emerge as technology becomes more relevant by the day.

“This training enhances our capabilities by providing an opportunity to work with our NATO partners in a simulated cyber attack scenario and use tools we don’t normally use,” said Staff Sgt. Justin B. Bryant, a cyberspace warfare officer with DCO-IDM Alpha Company.

The exercise consisted of tasks presented on a web server that mimics real-world systems. Each team is responsible for discovering security vulnerabilities in the system, which are flagged and “captured” to earn points.

“We have servers and computers on various networks that are actively being attacked,” Bryant said. “Our job is to leverage the toolset provided to us to detect intrusions and neutralize any threats.”

Marines served in a number of roles, including basic cyber operator and network chief, all with the goal of ensuring a more stable cybersecurity network for the United States.

“The Marines who participated in Cyber ​​Harmony 2024 will leave with a great example of what a real network attack on a protected system looks like,” Bryant said.

The Marine Corps Reserve provides trained units and individual Marines to augment and strengthen active forces employed across the full spectrum of crises and global engagements.

“In the world we live in today, technology is embedded in society and governs large aspects of daily life,” Bryant said. “It is our responsibility to secure these systems and protect our data so that we can continue to live our lives as usual.”

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