Married Marines Graduated from Parris Island Together

Married Marines Graduated from Parris Island Together

Married Marines Graduated from Parris Island Together
Photo by Jamil Winston

Here’s a touching story from Parris Island. Marine Corps Private Jamil Winston Jr. and Julimari Winston are married Marines. This couple proves that couples who train together stay together. They both graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island boot camp on May 17th, just in time for their one-year wedding anniversary in June.

“I’m so grateful for this experience,” Jamil said in a recent Marine Corps video. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in my life. Being a Marine with my wife has been the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Earlier this year, the couple deployed to Parris Island and were assigned to Golf Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, graduating as Marines together as a married couple.

“We had a huge influence on each other when it came to enlisting,” Julimarie said in the video. “We’re both very motivated, so encouraging each other a lot and never giving up played a big role.”

Because they were assigned to different platoons, boot camp marked the first time they’d spent any significant time apart since their marriage.

“When we got to boot camp it was really hard saying goodbye to each other. Just knowing I wouldn’t be able to be around him and talk to him every day like we were used to was really hard,” Julimarie said.

In a video released by the Marine Corps documenting their experience, Julimary said getting used to the yelling and chaos of boot camp was tough, but they adapted. Jamil said he and his wife knew “failure was not an option,” which helped them persevere and stay highly motivated.

The couple also enjoyed a healthy competition during recruit training to see who could excel better.

“We compete to see who can get a higher score, who can shoot better at the range, who can run faster, who can do more pull-ups and push-ups. It’s always a competition,” Julimarie said. “Of course, I win the competition.”

Though physically apart, the couple thought of each other during the rigors of boot camp, and during many difficult moments, Jamil said he felt compelled to keep going for his wife.

“Seeing my wife walking by gave me motivation and helped me overcome all the bad thoughts and negative emotions in my mind,” said Jamil, whose parents both served in the Marines.

Julimarie also thought about her husband every second of the 54 hours of “The Crucible,” the pinnacle event of recruit training, during which recruits face sleep deprivation, physical and mental exhaustion and hunger while tackling realistic combat training scenarios.

The Crucible was Julimary’s toughest part of recruit training, especially when she had to carry ammunition boxes and water jugs while crawling through the mud.

“Every time I felt like giving up, I just thought of him and that we had to see it through to the end,” she said.

Jamil also said the Crucible is the most physically demanding part of recruit training. “You go through everything we’ve ever done in the history of the Marine Corps, so we just had to embrace it,” he said.

In mid-May, Julimary and Jamil were awarded the Eagle, Globe and Anchor medals. Both said they now look forward to learning a military career specialty and joining an operational unit. Jamil said he also plans to take advantage of tuition assistance to attend college and ultimately become an officer.

The couple said their time at boot camp has brought them closer together.

“I feel like our relationship has definitely been strengthened because we both share the title of U.S. Marine,” Julimari said. “We’ve both been through the same thing these last three months, so I definitely think it helps us understand each other better.”

We wish these married Marines all the best in their future endeavors and thank them for their service to our country.

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