DVIDS – News – ICE 5-24; Preparation before the battle

DVIDS – News – ICE 5-24; Preparation before the battle

MARINE CORPS AIR GROUND COMBAT CENTER, Calif. — Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Command conducted the 2nd Marine Regiment’s Joint Training Exercise Task Force’s first inventory collective event designed to improve planning, coordination and functional understanding in a distributed live virtual constructive training environment in preparation for Service Level Training Exercise 5-24, May 10, 2024, at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif.

Inventory Collective Event 5-24 provided a customized event for MAGTTFTC, MCAGCC’s Tactical Training and Exercise Management Group, Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group, and Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group, who served as instructors, coaches, and mentors for the training units that participated. The exercise was structured to test the Accelerated Readiness Program on specific training and readiness events and to build an adaptable event for future MAGTF collective training that is not aligned with a service level training exercise.

“ICE is more than an infantry regiment or battalion training event; we effectively train the entire MAGTF participating in a joint training exercise,” said Maj. Gen. Thomas B. Savage, commander, MAGTFTC, MCAGCC. “The event provides a foundation for rigorous, repeatable training in live, virtual and constructive environments in a distributed environment. ICE 5-24 connects maneuvering forces from Twentynine Palms, Camp Lejeune and Camp Pendleton with MAGTFTC experts at all three locations.”

ICE is a priority for the command because it is the solution to train Fleet Marines on trends identified in multiple SLTE Final Exercise Reports and the Fiscal Year 2022 Systemic Trends Report. ICE directly supports the trend reversal and reinforcement process and provides a critical link between the FMF and SLTEs to master mixed arms operations. ICE 5-24 was the first to address and correct trends through training and education venues.

“Exercise participants from three different locations are able to plan and conduct mock operations to increase their confidence in their C2 capabilities,” said Lt. Col. William Damin, MCTOG Exercise Control Division.

ICE 5-24 was held in a distributed format with support from the I Marine Expeditionary Force Combat Simulation Center, Marine Corps Base Pendleton, Calif., and II Marine Expeditionary Force Combat Simulation Center, Marine Corps Base Lejeune, N.C. Exercise participants used the three different locations to plan and conduct simulated operations that built confidence in the integration of ground combat elements, aviation combat elements and logistics combat elements.

The event allowed for careful iteration of the plan, including integration of the Marine Corps planning process and staff with representatives from across the SLTE Task Force, through a simulated run of key events over four days. This iteration of ICE was a proof-of-concept and demonstration of progress toward Project Tripoli’s goals, including on-demand, global availability and viability across all echelons.

“Going forward, ICE, through the Fleet Support Program, will provide the FMF with scalable, repeatable MAGTF combat staff training exercises to ensure forces are prepared to fight tonight in their deployed environments,” Savage said.

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