Warhammer 40K: Chaos Space Marines Most Metallic Strategy

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Space Marines Most Metallic Strategy

What GW does best is come up with cool, flashy names that really exude military vibes, so here we have the most metal CSM Strat around.

Goatboy is back with another Top 5 of the week. We continue our discussion of Chaos Space Marines. Today, I want to talk about the Top 5 names of strategies that appear in this book. This is not a discussion of which is better. I’m talking about the best names of strategies that appear in this book. I just love the crazy names that GW design studios give to their rules. It’s one thing to have cool rules, but it’s a whole other story to have rules with goofy names. Let’s dig deep into this Codex CSM and see what nonsense names we can find that scream “we are the badasses of the galaxy”. Also, count how many of these names would be worthy of being names for a death metal band. There are a lot!

5. Veterans of the Long War – Black Crusade

I like that they left out the “The” in the name and just kept it Black Crusade. It sounds like a metal band that’s supposed to be scary, but maybe they just put on too much white face paint. It’s also one of the hard rules of a long-war veteran army – being able to take a mortal wound and pop out if necessary. Wouldn’t it be great if this also worked when another unit throws a grenade?

4. Dread Talons – Unfathomable cruelty

Like an ocean of murderous contempt, my cruelty is bottomless. If this doesn’t conjure up images of armies of psychopaths descending from the sky on backpack rockets of blazing death and destruction, what game are you playing? I feel like this should be whispered while chains rattle behind you as you stalk the tabletop. Always emo!

3. Fellhamar Siege Host – Siege

This continues the theme of strange band names from Stratagems. This is probably an industrial band that throws metal buckets at their captors and calls it music. Or it could be hardcore techno designed to shatter your head with a blocky rock beat and send waves of nausea crashing over you. Or it could be the Minecraft mod your kids keep begging you to download onto their iPad.

2. Contract Fanatic – Torpifying Refrain

I won’t lie, I had to look up what Torpefy meant (as did you). It’s an actual word, and it means to paralyze someone and make them lifeless. Basically, it means to paralyze someone so they can’t do anything. It’s a weird combination of words and I feel like it doesn’t really fit the rules. I guess this kind of thing is a Fights First ability, but it just seems weird. I think it would have been cooler to say that Slaanesh’s rules should be like this: Sexy stench.

1. Soulforged Warpack – Soul Excess

This sounds like the name of a local metal band playing in the garage behind your house. They mean well, but the lead singer sounds like he’s gargling engine oil after a long day in the mines, only to be yelling something nonsensical in a gear-grunting, guttural scream while covering the mic with angry spit. Or that there were not enough chicken tendis in the tendi value set.

I love some of these CSM names and can’t wait for the World Eater option and other fun options for Chaos to come out, they’ve got to be good, full of even more crazy band names and relentless nonsense.

Death to the false emperor! (And 4 out of 5 metal band names)


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