DVIDS – News – Marine Corps Commandant, Sergeant Major Visit TF 61/2

DVIDS – News – Marine Corps Commandant, Sergeant Major Visit TF 61/2

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY NAPLES, Italy — Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Eric M. Smith and Marine Corps Master Sergeant Major Carlos A. Ruiz visited Commander Task Force 61/2 (CTF 61/2) and 6th Fleet, May 29, 2024, at Naval Support Activity Facility Naples, Italy.

Established in March 2022, CTF 61/2’s mission is to command and control Fleet Marine Forces in support of Commander, 6th Fleet, and synchronize Navy and Marine Corps forces and capabilities in the U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command areas of operation. The task force leverages an integrated Navy and Marine Corps staff structure that strengthens partnerships between assigned Fleet Marine Forces, Amphibious Readiness Groups, Fleet Counterterrorism Security Teams, and other assigned units to serve as Task Force Headquarters for the Commander, 6th Fleet, in support of regional allies and partners, and U.S. national security interests.

“Improving naval integration and supporting the fleet and all combatant commanders is one of my top five priorities,” Smith said. “The Marines of Task Force 61/2 embody this goal. The few Marines here in Naples are making a significant impact on two combatant command posts by enhancing maritime force. Their ability to support naval command and control is critical, including the Marine Expeditionary Units embarked on our magnum opus, the Amphibious Readiness Group. They provide our combatant commanders with greater maritime domain awareness, seamless access to large-scale crisis response capabilities, replacement forces capable of conducting reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance, and improved interoperability across the joint force and with our NATO allies.”

Smith and Lewis were escorted by service members from CTF 61/2 and the U.S. 6th Fleet during their tour of the NSA in Naples. The visit included office visits with key military leaders from Europe and Africa, including Rear Admiral Robert B. Sofge, commander, Marine Corps Europe Africa; Admiral Stuart B. Munsch, commander, Naval Forces Europe Africa; Vice Admiral Thomas E. Issee, commander, U.S. 6th Fleet; and Rear Admiral Samuel L. Meyer, commander, CTF 61/2. These office visits focused on the future of Navy expeditionary warfare and integration.

“Interoperability within the Navy and Marine Corps team is critical to maintaining our shared commitment to warfighting excellence,” Mansch said. “Across the European and African theaters, our integrated naval team embodies a relentless dedication to building trust and relationships with our partners and allies, and to providing decisive deterrence and defense at sea and on land.”

Following the commitments, Smith and Lewis held a town hall meeting to discuss the important role CTF 61/2 plays in the Europe and Africa region and its relevance to Force Design 2030.

“The meeting with the Commandant and Master Sergeant of the Marine Corps was excellent and very productive,” Meyer said. “Marines were able to ask questions on a wide range of topics and gained valuable insight from the Marine Corps’ top leaders. They reinforced our important role as a task force in the future of Navy expeditionary warfighting.”

The Marines and Sailors also discussed Corps-wide reforms including force structure, talent management, talent retention, training, education, facilities and logistics. The meeting concluded with a ceremony to award, promote and recognize Marines and Sailors within the task force.

Through CTF 61/2, II Marine Expeditionary Force and U.S. 6th Fleet seek to create opportunities for Navy, Marine Corps, and geographic component commanders to leverage forward-deployed Marine headquarters while simultaneously redesigning the force for naval expeditionary warfare in actively contested environments. In conjunction with force design, the establishment of CTF 61/2 provides the opportunities, activities, and capabilities necessary to shape the Marine Corps’ contributions to naval warfare and the joint force.

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