DVIDS – News – Marine Corps Opens General Robert B. Neller Center for War Game Analysis

DVIDS – News – Marine Corps Opens General Robert B. Neller Center for War Game Analysis

The Marine Corps opened a new building that will be the center of next-generation wargaming and analytics on May 31. Named in honor of the 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps, the General Robert B. Neller Wargaming and Analytics Center is a premier facility that is critical to the future of wargaming at both the service and joint levels.

In 2017, then-Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller spearheaded the creation of a world-class facility that would enable Marines across the nation to repeatedly conduct exercises in a safe, centralized location and enhance their ability to make analytics-driven decisions.

“The Marine Corps has a long history of looking at war games to test operational plans, force formations and force structures, from the development of amphibious doctrine through to today. It’s always been part of our work,” Neller said.

At 100,446 total square feet, the Neller Center is the largest facility of its kind in the National Capital Region and can host multiple wargames simultaneously at multiple classification levels. The center is located on the Marine Corps University campus and is maintained by the Marine Corps Warfighting Institute. With a staff of 183 people, a mix of uniformed members, civilians, and contractors, the center can host five cross-functional wargaming teams with a goal of developing four wargames per team per year. The center also aims to accommodate unforeseen joint wargaming tasks and requirements.

“Perhaps more importantly, what does the Neller Center really bring to the table? In a security environment that grows more uncertain by the day, this center brings a higher level of certainty — giving Marines the chance to make mistakes without having to bleed.”

The facility will feature next-generation technologies that will expand multi-domain terrain perspectives across time and distance, incorporating joint and coalition assets, providing more realistic scenarios resulting in more accurate outcomes. Analysis from these results will give the Marine Corps a better idea of ​​the tools warfighters need to be more effective and lethal. As a result, the Corps can better align and communicate requirements to industry more quickly.

“This isn’t about buildings. This is about enhanced capabilities that give Soldiers an opportunity to thoroughly study multi-domain battlefield challenges and become competent sooner before they go to the training grounds or into real combat,” said Lt. Gen. Kirsten Heckle, deputy commander for Combat Development and Integration.

While simulated wargaming is no substitute for live training, it allows warfighters to tackle complex tactical and operational problems, conserving valuable resources needed for in-the-field training. Simultaneous computer and human analysis of scenarios creates countless problem-solving opportunities and provides wargaming participants with immediate feedback, improving the speed of decision-making.

“We hope this center will allow our Marines to do more in a more technologically advanced environment and learn more about their plans, their ideas and each other,” Neller said.

Lessons learned through wargames and simulations can then be applied to in-field training and experiments to test their effectiveness. Ultimately, wargames at the Neller Center help evaluate players’ tactical skills and personality, providing a forum for immediate feedback that will produce better results in training and greater lethality in combat.

“Rehearsal time is rarely wasted. Wargaming is a rehearsal. It’s a test. You want to put enough rigor into the test so that it challenges your plans and your assumptions,” Neller said. “You can’t just show up. Wargaming will help you to make sure that you’re not just showing up and not being prepared for all the things you might face in the future.”

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