Ukrainian Marines occupy Nestorikh island despite Russian attack

Ukrainian Marines occupy Nestorikh island despite Russian attack

Ukrainian marines continue to maintain their positions on Nestorikh Island in Kherson Region despite Russian attacks.

This was reported by Dmytro Pletenchuk, head of the Southern Defense Command’s Strategic Communications Center, during a United News Telethon broadcast.

“During the offensive carried out in the Kherson region, they again targeted Nestorikha. This offensive was unsuccessful – no positions were lost. However, it is very difficult to maintain defense there, as there are no settlements, buildings or structures there. However, the Ukrainian Marines have done the impossible and continue to maintain a bridgehead there despite numerous attacks from the enemy,” he said.

Pletenchuk said there had been 12 attacks by enemy forces on positions in southern Ukraine over the past day.

“The number of attacks has decreased over the past two days. Previously there were 15-20, yesterday there were 12. Half of them took place in the direction of Olyhiv, the other half in the Dnipro direction, that is, in the Kherson region,” he revealed.

Pletenchuk explained that the enemy in the south has been accumulating resources for a long time, but recently they have been “depleted.” In particular, the Russian army has suffered losses in this area, which amount to a company. “Half of them are irrecoverable.”

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